Aug 14, 2014

Diy Ideas

Even though summer is ending, this idea was too cute to share. Maybe next year..

This cut your own bangs diy is suuuper helpful. They share some tips I had no idea about.

I love the look of this ombre tea towel diy. This would be cute for a color pop in wedding decor.

I have never used PicMonkey before, it definitely seems worth checking out after seeing this journalling diy.

This mini suitcase diy is sooo cute! They could hold tiny presents for someone who is going away or even accessories for a doll.

Xo Chloe.

3 colorful thought(s):

Candy said...

Oh my god, the mini suitcase. I'm dying from the cuteness!!! Thanks for this great internet round-up! I love it! :)

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Amy said...

I am definitely bookmarking this. There is something so therapeutic and fun about tackling a diy, I don't do it nearly enough. Maybe, I'll plan one of these for a future Saturday :)

All the best xo

Kelsea Echo said...

Hey! We have similar taste! I was thinking about sharing the bang-cutting tutorial (much-needed for people like my younger self, who tried on three separate occasions to cut my own bangs and failed miserably all times) and the ombre towels!

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