Jun 28, 2015

Life//Graduation Photos

My little sister is all grown up and graduated! I cannot believe she will be going off to college in a month and a half. I am so proud of her, but I am really sad she isn't so little anymore. Any who, a while back I took some graduation photos of her at a nice park by my house. I've never taken graduation photos before as I am not a professional by any means...but I am pretty happy with how they came out.
It was soooo icy that day. The entire park was covered in frozen snow. You would take a step and have to yank your boot out of the snow to get it back out. The ducks that were at the park were sliding across the ice like little dorks. It was a really good time, especially since we were the only ones at the park.

sister4 sister1
I love this photo because it looks like a movie still. It looks so epic to me and I cannot stop staring at it, hahaha. "ONWARD!" Our adventure was pretty epic though, I'm just glad we made it out alive and didn't freeze to the ground.

I like taking photos, especially when the weather is crazy and makes it even more exciting.
Xo Chloe.

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Colleen said...

These turned out so cute! You did a great job, especially considering that you didn't have any experience!


Derek said...

sad thing you had to get rid of most of the pictures from the shoot. its hard to differentiate what was snow and her face. burn!

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