Jul 31, 2014

DIY Ideas

These cacti pinatas are soo adorable! I need have a party so I can make these.

Even though this is a Valentine's Day diy, I think it is adorable and could be given to a significant other anytime.

I love this donut coaster diy! These would be cool for a party too! A Simpsons themed party!

How pretty is this floral vans diy? I love embellished shoes.

I'm a sucker for floral crowns. This floral crown diy is made of paper, I thought that was pretty unique.

Xo Chloe.

3 colorful thought(s):

Kelsea Echo said...

SO many cute ideas! I'm obsessed with cacti. I love that they're made to be kept intact too. If I made my own pinata, no way would I want someone smashing it to bits! :)

Have you seen the Paper to Petal book that's been circling lately? The flower crown DIY reminds me of that. I'm itching to try making faux flowers!

TARAdactyl said...

Those floral shoes are amazing. I need to try that!

Melissa Ortiz said...

The donut coasters are so cute! love that idea :)

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