Feb 5, 2012

Stuff I Luff

I just love this picture so much because I feel like most people do not take enough time to understand art. My art history professor told us that the average person stops to look at a piece of artwork for about 45 seconds. How could that ever be enough time to truly experience it?! (Plus their hair is totally awesome!)

This video made my eyes water up, I hope I am this cute when I am old.

I adore these terrarium necklaces

Once I get some money, which may be in the near future...ahem...I am buying this dress.

Here is another video of old people being cute..Frank is getting fed up with all this "picture taking", it reminds me of Dom and I. Haha.

I adore these valentines! Especially the Jabba the Hutt one. Return of the Jedi has always been my favorite movie.

This brooch is awesome! Dominick thinks pipes are so sophisticated looking.

I love this shirt! I've gotta show my love for the mitten state!

Xo Chloe.

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Heather Belle said...

I love the terrarium necklace :) And OH MY GOSH, I have to get those star wars valentines for my boyfriend, haha those are the best!

As for the art photo up at the top, I personally love art, but I've learned that for people who don't know anything about art (my boyfriend for example) theres no reason to stand there and look.
For me, I know the types of things to look for, I know about the artists, the mediums, the meanings behind certain symbols, whereas my boyfriend doesn't know/understand any of that stuff. For him he just sees a cool picture, and theres no reason to keep looking.

Sorry, rant, haha :)


Arielle said...

I loved that old couple! I've showed all my friends. They are adorable.

The Cookie Button said...

I have seen quite a few of those necklaces popping up all over the place :) I really need to get one as they are so pretty <3

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Those necklaces are so pretty! I want to make one :D

Miss B. said...

I totally notice the same thing whenever I go to museums. Sometimes you just walk straight by masterpieces without even glancing at them. That said, I think the best museum experiences are those where you only go to see a select few paintings.

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