Feb 3, 2012

Good Eats: Mango Smoothie

I absolutely LOVE smoothies. Dom had some mangoes at his house so we decided to experiment, and we came up with a recipe that tastes just like a Mango Julius. 

This is what you need:
2 mangoes
1 cup of vanilla ice cream
About 5 ice cubes
A blender

*Ours only made enough for two mugs, and it was thick. If you want a thinner smoothie, add more ice. I just prefer a thick smoothie.


Cut into the center of the mango, until you hit the pit. Then cut all the way around it. After that you should be able to twist one half of the mango off. (The pit is a pain, we had to scoop around it with a spoon to get the good stuff out)

Scoop the good stuff into your blender.

Yep, that's the good stuff!

Add the ice cream and then blend until you get a nice smooth texture. After that, add ice to thin it out a bit.
Pour yourself some delicious smoothie and enjoy! (It is also a requirement to drink it out of a mug, it tastes better that way)

I am a terrible cook/baker, so I decided to start posting about recipes I try/come up with. Haha, that kind of makes it sound like my recipes would suck, this one doesn't I promise! It was absolutely delicious. I have to thank Dom a lot too, he helped me to prepare the smoothie and decide how much of each ingredient to add. 

Xo Chloe.

10 colorful thought(s):

Kimmy said...

Oh I always try to make yummy smoothies, but they never come out the right consistency.
Thank goodness for Smoothie King. XD

Lisa said...

I need that cup! Not to MENTION that smoothie. Thanks for sharing!

Lily Darger said...

I kinda like mangoes, and I'm kinda grossed out by the texture...

SomeoneLikeYou said...

This is some serious nom right here! I am so excited to try all sorts of smoothies this fall when I go to college. I know smoothie shops are pretty big usually on university campuses!

Grace Lynne Fleming said...

o yum... this sounds fantastic and I LOVE SMOOTHIES!


Taylor Barrett said...

fantastic blog. just stumbled upon it!

that smoothie looks good.


Mallory said...

I drink Green Monsters every morning for breakfast and I love them. I bet you could replace the ice cream with vanilla greek yogurt and have something that's both delicious and nutritious!

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

this sounds lovely. how do you know when the mangoes are ready?? i never know when they are. but i want to eat them all the time (with chile mm).

Savannah Wallace said...

Yumm!! Cant wait to try this. :)


Anonymous said...

Ooooo yummy! :) Lets make these smoothies sometime!

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