Feb 20, 2012

Hair Progress

I can curl it now...kind of. I guess it is more of a wavy look.

I have been wearing headbands and bandannas in my hair every day, pretty much. (Like the one in this post) Now that I work at Starbucks I have to anyways. I think it looks a lot cuter and more girly than just the short hair alone. 

I am thinking of going to a salon soon and getting my hair shaped a little better and possibly died a darker shade. Let me know if you have any ideas for me!

Xo Chloe.

P.S. My room is insanely pink and has horrible lighting. I am sure the pink curtains do not help the pinkish red lighting I have going on. (I don't even like pink that much)

6 colorful thought(s):

Heather Belle said...

Ahhh I miss having hair that short. My mister and my parents won't "let me" cut my hair anymore. Grrr!
xo Heather

charley said...

Love the hair, cute blog!



Arielle said...

I bet your hair looks cute in bandannas! And yeah, that is one pink room haha.

Katherine McAdoo said...

your hair is adorable in a pixie cut! so cute.

<3 katherine

chantilly said...

i think your hair looks great :) although i've had enough hair woes to know that sometimes yes, bringing in a professional is definitely worth it. good luck! x

ShyScout said...

I like the curls/waves. The short cut really suits you :]

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