Feb 2, 2012

Outfit (Dominick's too!)

Alright, so I am very happy to say that Dominick agreed to let me photograph him and post his outfit too! He is always so suave! 

Outfit Details:
Dress-Forever 21
Socks-Target (Men's Department)
Boots- Forever 21

Outfit Details:
Pants- Kohl's(?)
Shoes-Adidas (A gift from me)

It is kind of awkward to take pictures around campus. If I see someone coming, I will stop and look through the camera and pretend to be talking about something. It is kind of funny, actually.

I just love him.

Xo Chloe.

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Arielle said...

haha I do the same thing when people see me taking pictures. I wish I could freeze time, take the pictures, mug everyone(just kidding), then un-freeze time.

Corinne said...

You two look great! I definitely do the same thing whenever I'm out shooting outfits. I hear someone approaching and immediately start reviewing photos and playing with my settings so it looks like I'm shooting the scenery! At least you had Dominick to accompany you :)

jorjiapeach said...

dude. way cute.

ps. i dig the new blog aesthetic.

Deidre said...

Love your dress. And this is such a sweet post :)

Anonymous said...

That dress is adorable! Good job getting your guy pal in the pictures. I am buying all new camera gear and my guy keeps shaking his head haha :)

Sallytangle said...

I love the spots!!!! Such a sweet outfit and cosy too! I am very new at blogging and have just started mine, would love you to have a little look!

Lotsv love xxxx

Amber said...

The boots!! I've been searching for all kinds of boots (saddle boots and your style) but every store either has them in a size too big or too small :( Great outfit all together.

xo Amber P.

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Aw, you're both adorable! And I really love your hair (as well as your outfit)

The Midwest Muse said...

This dress is amazing on you!
I think taking photos anywhere public is so awkward. I bet they think the same about seeing us taking photos.

Your blog is so cute! I need to keep digging through your pretty archives!

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