Oct 17, 2011

Four Years, Four Whole Years.

Today marks the day, four years ago, when I started dating my best friend. We were only first entering high school, and now we are in college. It is crazy to think about. I am just so happy we met and I could never imagine life with out you, Dominick. I love that we can be goofballs and it is perfectly normal. Also, I love that we have big dreams, that is an important part of life. Thanks for four years filled with bliss, and thank you ahead of time for the many more to follow. 

Xo Chloe.

4 colorful thought(s):

Annika said...

Congrats guys! Cutest picture ever and you guys give me hope for the future <3

melissa said...

Aw this is the most precious thing I've ever seen :)

Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute! :D I love that you can make bird noises while camping and we know that everything is just normal! :D

emily b said...

Yay! Congrats! Here's to many more!

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