Oct 28, 2011

Bucket Filler Friday

Steffy, of Steffy's Pros and Cons is so fashionable! Her style is so unique, but so lovely! The pictures on her blog are always so crisp and pleasant on the eyes. This is one of my favorite posts. Her shop, Tea and Tulips Boutique, is one of my favorites. She sells adorable clothing at reasonable prices. I love how she has the items styled in outfits, to give you an idea of how to wear it.
If your closet is in need of inspiration, read: Steffy's Pros and Cons!

<</The Paraders\>>
Rachel owns one of the best vintage Etsy shops (Well in my opinion!), called The Paraders Vintage. I am a huge fan of sixties style dresses, and her shop is full of them! Her blog, The Paraders is equally as wonderful! I love her dating vintage clothing posts. They are so helpful to read before going on a big thrifting tip.  No longer do I have to question the era in which my clothing came from!
If want to learn all you need to know about vintage, read: The Paraders!

Arielle, no not like The Little Mermaid: It's pronounced R-E-L. I hate it when people mispronounce my name too! Her blog, Humble Pie is adorable! Her blog design is definitely on the list of my favorites. One of my favorite posts is her Flashback Friday post. I love that she collects pennies! Plus, this post is very unique and fun to read, it's like a mini history lesson! Also, her Lady of the Week posts, are amazing! I love the fun facts she gives about the "lady," in this case Shirley Temple.
If you want to read an adorably informative blog, read: Humble Pie!

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Arielle said...

Thank you so much for including me in a category with such lovely ladies! Love the post :)


Beatrice said...

LOVE this. Am following now :)

Please please please follow me and let me know what you think! - can’t wait to hear from you!!


kisses, Beattie xoxo

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