Aug 31, 2011

College Life.

Now that I am in college, I have no time for anything! So sorry I haven't been posting much. I have a lot to balance now so hopefully I will still find time to post. Also, I have been highly considering getting a perm. I know, it sounds crazy, but when I saw the Modcloth video: A ride with Bicycle Belles, I immediately adored the girl with the short curly hair. What does everyone think? Good or bad idea?

Xo Chloe.

2 colorful thought(s):

Alejandra said...

is your hair super straight? might want to try washing it at night, and then taking a bunch of separate pieces, twisting them, bobby-pinnning them down and putting some soft hold hairspray in, and sleeping like that. it'll give you that kind of wild waviness. unless your hair is not to be moved out of straightness ;)

DREAD said...

Shabby Sheek Chic is always fun!

Congrats on higher education!!

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