May 7, 2014

Recent Thrift Scores

IMG_7686 I have been thrifting a lot lately so I figured I would share some of the finds that I am most excited about.

IMG_7695 I was so excited to find a working typewriter! It needs a new ink ribbon but they are relatively cheap for this model.

I found the sandals for my sister, but I am way jealous because they are soooo nice. They are genuine leather and made pretty well. I have always been a fan of the Bass sandals and these are sort of the same style. The oxfordish creepers on the right are soooo comfy.

IMG_7689 These UO shorts aren't my size, so I will be giving them away. They were too cheap to pass up though. Plus the stitching on the side is awesome.

IMG_7690 I saw this Target dress a year ago and contemplated buying it. I ended up putting it back because I thought I would never wear it. So you can imagine my excitement when I found it at a Salvation Army.

I was super geeked when I found this sheep sweater. It is from Old Navy and I have the fox version already.

Have you thrifted anything super awesome lately? What are some of your favorite thrift stores to go to?
Xo Chloe.

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