May 15, 2014

Outfit: Fruit Stripe Gum

Wow! I haven't done an outfit post in forever! In fact, this is the last outfit post I did and sooooo much has changed.

I thrifted this dress about a week ago, and shared a sneak peek of it in my Recent Thrift Scores post. I wanted it back when I saw it at Target, but I didn't think I would wear it because of how colorful it is. Now, I think it is the perfect spring dress! I am so glad I found it at a Thrift Store!
About half way through taking these outfit photos, the strap on my purse broke and it went flying into a puddle. Luckily, none of my stuff got wet. I am going to have to sew that back.
Dress-Thrifted (Originally from Target)
Cardigan-Thrifted (Originally from Old Navy)
Terrarium necklace-Moss Love Terrariums
Oxford Cutouts-Ebay (similar)

See this majestic creature? Yeah, that's my camera man. Oh yeah, and my boyfriend too. Let's all take a moment to recognize the one flower falling so poetically.
That stare, yes. So majestic.
Then there's me, Derpin as usual. He told me to act like I was throwing something.

Xo Chloe.

6 colorful thought(s):

Sara Gerard said...

You look lovely and perfect for Spring! Pity about the purse strap, but your boyfriend looks very festive!

Kati said...

You look so adorable, that dress is perfect on you!


P.S.: And yes, that is a cat camera!

lisa said...

I love the colors on that dress and how you match a lot of your backgrounds :) Good find!

Anonymous said...

you look so pretty in that outfit!

Jacie said...

Aw, I'm glad you're still enjoying your necklace! Hope you're doing well Chloe. :)

Dawn Lucy said...

Super cute dress on you. Love your whimsical photos!

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