Feb 19, 2013

Stuff I Luff #55

Oh this card is just so sweet! Everything about is just wonderful; the colors, the patterns...

These oxfords are glorious.

Eeep! These tea towels are too cute. I want to buy every tea towel, I think I just like the name or something.

I am loving the colors of this dress, and the fact that it kind of looks like a skirt-shirt combo without the hassle!

I am in love with this postcard set with a variety of cat and human activities. 

Xo Chloe.

8 colorful thought(s):

tiff said...

Everything is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Tea towel are adorable! I JUST bought those shoes! Love 'em! :)


Chloe Green said...

you always find the sweetest things!


fritha strickland said...

thanks so much for featuring my tea towels! xx

Rachel said...

Love all of those things!

Allie said...

Ahh I love everything on this list, especially the oxfords and the tea towels. The oxfords almost look like cozy socks peeking through--love it! xx

Allie @ callmesassafras.wordpress.com

Alexandra Cabrer said...

I really love the oxfords! It's a shame the postage is so expensive for the UK...!

Zuley said...

Awww where was this card for Valentines?!


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