Feb 16, 2013

GlossyBox Review/Unboxing

GlossyBox sent me January's Man Repeller box to review! I was so excited because I have heard such wonderful things about the GlossyBox subscription. So, enjoy a slightly less awkward video this time. I hope to one day be completely comfortable on camera.

So far, I really like all of the products, except of course the red lipstick. Although, it feels really nice, the color is just awful. I really love the Le Metier De Beaute lotion, but I looked up the full size price and holy cow! It costs over $200! Yikes! I still think the perfume smells like an old woman. I do really like the Potion 9, though. It makes my hair feel so soft and wonderful.

I have more videos to make, so I will post those soon! Are there any kinds of videos you would like to see from me? I'm up for anything!
Xo Chloe.

4 colorful thought(s):

Lauryn Green said...

you're the best making video reviews, you're super sincere! "It smells lika an old woman" ♥

Zuley said...

Oh I got one of these too like a week or two ago. I have never received boxes before but I agree with you. Potion 9 I must kinda buy.
Red scares me for lipstick still. I still feel like a clown... I don't know if I should try it or not. After your review I'm even more scared.


sabrinadellinger said...

i have been looking into getting a monthly sub. box + I'm glad you made this video. Thanks for sharing. you're the cutest.

Nerd Burger said...

LOVE the video. You are adorable. I want to smell the old woman perfume soo much.

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