Apr 26, 2012

Dress for Less: Polka Dotted

Here is a second attempt at an outfit that costs just about fifty bucks. This time I made it under $50! Although, I do not count tax or shipping. I would love some feedback, or maybe even sites that you find great deals on.

Total- $45.80

Alright so I guess I do not actually know if the oxfords are comfy or not. Don't they look like they are though? I think so. This dress is very similar to one that I have seen many bloggers wear, only the polka dots are smaller on this one.

Xo Chloe.

6 colorful thought(s):

Sierra said...

Ooh, I love that dress! And yes, those oxfords do look quite comfy :)

Heather Belle said...

Heeey I just bought a dress like that from F21! Except the back is cut out and has pretty little bows on it! Love this outfit :)
xo Heather

Stephanie said...

Cute! Is that a bracelet around the models elbow? Interesting.

kristin e bazan said...

those oxfords are adorable. love that dress too! i'm terrible w/ fashion, but i love this outfit.

Lauren said...

Eeek, so cute! I love your blog! :)


Anonymous said...

Or you could wear those Wild Diva oxfords. ;)

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