Apr 21, 2012

Cheap Dates: Bookstore

I am always trying to find things to do that do not cost a lot of money, especially now that I am saving money for a trip to Chicago. I thought it would be fun to share my ideas!
Where: Barnes and Noble
Cost: Me- $4 Amanda- $8
Outcome: Productive and fun

There was a table that seemed as though it was specially made for us. We found this cute Star Wars book called Darth Vader and Son, and a Cat vs. Human book as well.

We got Starbucks, that was the only expense in this fun outing! I recommend the Black Tea Lemonade, it is the best deal in my opinion.

Amanda and I got a chance to catch up and do a bit of homework. Overall, we were pretty productive. Barnes and Noble has the best atmosphere for working and talking.

We were really happy when the people sitting in these chairs got up and left, I charged over and claimed the seats before anyone could even blink.

We had a really good time! If you have a Barnes and Noble near you, you should plan a day where you read funny books or do homework. Any bookstore would work, I just prefer Barnes and Noble because of the seating areas and the amazing craft book selection.

Xo Chloe.

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Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

Awww, my boyfriend and I use to do this back in the early days of our dating. Then it got too popular and we started going to a library instead. :)

Lauryn Green said...

Lovely! I wish I have a place like this near my house.

Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

One of my favorite dates is to go get frozen yogurt and walk to the bookstore (right across from each other)!

Clara Turbay said...


elanor, said...

ah i really love this post! what a great idea. i'm not near a book store now, but i'm sure in the future when i'm off to college there's got to be one nearby. :)

sell my house said...

Awesome!!!!This post is very lovely.

Kimmy said...

I also like to find things to do that are either cheap or free. Bookstores are the perfect place.
One thing I love doing is a bookstore scavenger hunt. There are a lot of awesome bookstores in my city. I just have to find them.

Katherine McAdoo said...

i love bringing computers to local coffee shop with wi-fis and looking at photos and stuff over tea. it is a great way to get together, you get good drinks, and you get to go out. i used to do a lot of projects in high school at our barnes and noble

Jane HyunJoo Lee said...

This looks so fun! I wanna do this with my hubby :D

kristin e bazan said...

whenever my sis and i are bored and broke, we head to b&n to read magazines and sip some yummy coffee drinks.

Anonymous said...

This is super cute! I love how your post turned out and it was quite the grand day for us! :)

Lets do another adventure soon! <3

Jessica said...

My sister and I use to go to the bookstore to read books together. I use to go to a bookstore and read. Great way to not spend so much money even though around you there are so many tempting things! -Jessica


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