Jul 8, 2013

Life in Instagram

2//Tjmaxx finds
3//Guess what I got?!! Gimme your friend codes!
4//My dog is a goober.
5//Totoro themed sushi restaurant!
6//Why are these so delicious?!
7//Pretty rummage sale score.
8//Camera Obscura!
9//Amanda and I getting excited for She&Him to play!
10//My first macaron! It was delicious and white chocolate flavored.

Xo Chloe.

10 colorful thought(s):

Amanda k. said...

That puppy face! Haha, so cute!

Meghan said...

I actually just made a post about New Leaf/a call for friend codes on my blog (okay this post encouraged me to do so.) My friend code is 4527-8154-3627.

Hayley said...

Your dog is so cute!

Water Painted Dreams

Rachel Sullivan said...

Loved seeing your pretty pictures :)


kaelah beauregarde said...

i'm desperate to find my DS which is floating around my office somewhere. i haven't played animal crossing in SO long!

birdsandoxfords said...

aww these are cute! she&him!! how awesome!
-Deana, from BirdsandOxfords

Lauryn Green said...

Aww you hace the new animal crossing! I have the old one :(

Louise said...

That top of the first and second pictures is absolutely lovely!

Ps: i'm doing a fashion-related survey for my dissertation, 5 mins, much much help ♥ https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2SQNKSV

Jacie said...

I need to get you my friend code!

Anonymous said...

Love it! <3

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