May 31, 2013

DIY Ideas

This travel picnic blanket is adorable! I especially love the bright fabric she used.

This woven hanger DIY will transform your dull hangers into pretty ones that make it look like you bought the fancy expensive ones. (Am I the only one who think hangers can be quite outrageous in price?)

This is such a brilliant idea. Not only do you have color markers for your keys, you can easily hang them up so they don't get lost (which we all know happens far too often). Plus it's legos! This DIY is Dominick approved!

These cocktail stirs are so lovely, they would be good to mark drinks as well.

How cute are these little bee flats?! I feel like they look like something you would see on Modcloth. 

I used to find a bunch of awesome DIYs on the Hellocotton website, but sadly it was shut down. The french one is still up though! I just use Google translate and am able to find even better DIYs than before!

Xo Chloe.

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Melinda DiOrio said...

I saw that cocktail stirrer post on Beautiful Mess too! So cute, I'm going to try some of those for my next party.

lucia m said...

great ideas!



Hailey Devine said...

Thanks for sharing! The bee shoes are so fun.

The Braided Bandit said...

Those hangers looks SO pretty! I hate how expensive hangers can be, and will only buy them if I can find them at discounted stores like Marshalls or Ross! Definitely want to try this out, happy Friday to you!
xo Hannah

Sofia Miacis said...

Such great ideas! I can't even decide which one is the better! Love the one with the lego for keys ( why haven't anyone thinkg of that first? even to create panels to be on home to wright something dear everyday), the hangers I've seen before with crochet but this is way awesome, and the espadrills are adorable *.* Have a nice weekend!
SOfia G

Carolynn Markey said...

Cute finds :)

Melissa said...

Those hangers are rad!

click for a giveaway on my blog! x

Amber said...

You always find such cute DIY's :)

xo Amber P.

Abigail ♥ said...

The bee shoes are gorgeous. They're so cute and perfect for Summer.


Nerd Burger said...

Those bumble bee shoes are so rad!!! I have to give them a go.

Jenna Opsahl said...

Hhahahah the legos. SO. BRILLIANT.

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