Jan 11, 2013

DIY Ideas

This quilt DIY is adorable. It was created for a baby, but I am sure you could alter the pattern to be adult size.

How lovely is this felt macaron DIY?! 

This tassel garland would be nice to make for a birthday party, or just to spruce up your home for a get together.
This felt fox brooch is so whimsical and fun. This seems like a good craft party projects, even for kids!

I am in love with this hula hoop rug DIY. So crafty! 

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jessemac said...

i love your diy ideas. you always find the coolest ones. i have had the itch lately to make a quilt for the first time, and that might be the one i try.

JellyBones said...

I keep seeing those tassle garlands and I adore them! Think it's time to make one for myself. :)


Chloe Green said...

That quilt is possibly the best thing I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing


kiosc said...

I like them all, but this tassel garland are my favourite

Best wishes,

Chianne Hood said...

All these ideas are so cool! I want to make all of them! xx


The Braided Bandit said...

I love that quilt! My roommate is making a square one, but I think she has been working on it for years so it seems a bit daunting haha!

Michelle Nascimento said...

I have seen that hula hoop rug tut before. I think it is an amazing idea! I have created rugs like that by cutting old t-shirts into strips and crocheting them though! It came out pretty good. Just not as big as I would have liked. And I used a lot of t's so I guess I would need a crap ton more to make a big one. So I just put it in front of the litter box so kitty can wipe her feet on it!

xo Michelle

Madelein - Mother of six said...

So many cute things :-)

Anonymous said...

So darn pretty :)
The blanket is super x

Becky said...

Ooh such pretty things!


Zuley said...

Never had macaroons but I have to admit. Those are pretty cute ^_^ If I had a place for sewing (and knew how to use a sewing machine) then I would love to make these to hold needles and be cute ^_^


Alli said...

Tassel garland is so whimsical and fun, I really want to get making one! cheers!

Mandy said...

I love that quilt, the colors a perfect and triangles are so pretty blocked together like that. Those tassels are really neat too! I'd love those hanging in my craft room...


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