Jan 7, 2013

2013 Goals List!

I realized after browsing the web and reading other blogs, that I have not made a goals list for 2013. It seems as though everybody else was thinking ahead. So now I am sitting down to think about what I want out of 2013.

+Start up an Etsy shop.
+Practice graphic design work and start building my portfolio.
+Save money!
+Organize and get rid of the crap that clutters my room (and keep it that way).
+Grow out my hair and ombre it (It's the only interesting thing I can do with my hair and still abide the work dress code, shmeh).
+Give handmade for Christmas.
+Start collecting furniture for when Dom and I move in together.
+Focus on my studies and get all A's.
+Exercise regularly (Already began with Just Dance 4!) and eat healthier (No more Frappuccinos!).
+Work on some projects with other bloggers.
+Take a road trip to somewhere new!

Okie, so there are my goals for 2013, in no particular order. I'll let you all know as I cross them off. What are some of your guys' goals? 
Xo Chloe.

15 colorful thought(s):

Kailey said...

Wonderful goals! My plan is to just be really productive this year :)

Good luck sweets!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Nice list. I hope you'll get to cross all off this year!

Mine should be up soon too:)

Lauryn Green said...

Good goals! :)

Anonymous said...

You work has a dress code for your hair? That's interesting!

I just started an Etsy Shop myself. Still getting the hang out it! :)


Zuley said...

Oh work dress codes. Always limiting-- sometimes good, others not. Like your hair. Is it a color issue? Just curious.

All these goals seem quite plausible to accomplish. I do hope you get to cross them all off. Especially the road trip and graphic design. Roadtrip because I've never had one and you can tell us all about it. And graphic design because I would so wish you would do something for me! lol Cuz you are just too awesome.


Melissa said...

These goals are great! I shared my goals on my blog early last week...I really want to cut down on processed food this year, among many other things.

<3 Melissa

Cara Howard said...

Yaaay! Good luck girlfriend!!! xo

Bekka said...

Lovely list. I posted my list on my blog a couple of days ago. Just Dance 4 is amazing! :) x

Becky said...

Good luck! I'm trying to clear out my clutter too.


Andreea Ghenea said...

The first 4 things apply to me as well. I'm bummed because we don't study graphic design as much as I would have wanted (I study Computer Science as my major in college). So I'm just studying by myself. After my exams, me and my boyfriend were thinking about opening a shop for web design. We'll see.
I wanted to do an ombre on my hair but I said pass. It's way to damaging for the hair. It looks interesting but the ends will suffer like crazy.
To be honest, an official list of goals for 2013 I haven't done yet. But yet again, I rarely cross more than 5 things from my usual resolutions list.
Hugs and kisses and wishing you the best year you've yet to have!

Chloe Green said...

Amazing goals! I love the road trip idea, i wish i could drive and go for a weekend somewhere new.

Collecting furniture is a great idea too!! Dixon and me live in an unfurnished apartment and when we moved in, had nothing at all! There was a lot of sitting on the floor and propping TVs on boxes.


Madelein - Mother of six said...

Great goals! Good luck :-)

Little Foal (Sunae) said...

These are great goals! Good luck with the furniture cllecting - I'm moving in with my boyfriend this month (fingers crossed for good news from the real estate today - EEK!) and spent allll last year collecting things. We now have everything except a fridge, a lounge, a microwave and a toaster :)

Mandy said...

Great goal list! I have some in the back of my mind and some time this week will put them down on paper, and then on my blog. This is a year for being positive, productive a little more responsible. Woo!


Jessie said...

What a lovely list. I think it's totally all things you can accomplish. :) I wish I could dye my hair, but I would probably get fired.

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