Jan 4, 2013

DIY Ideas

This deer pillow would jazz up any couch or chair! She used one of her previous DIYs to create this pillow.

It would be so fun to make these stamped tote bags with a big group of friends.

Oh my goodness, this gold leaf oxford DIY is just so perfect. I am going to buy new oxfords to do this!

This fake taxidermy DIY is awesome. I hate real taxidermy, but love fake ones...is that weird?

I love metal collar tips so much. This DIY makes it look pretty simple.

Happy Crafting!
Xo Chloe.

15 colorful thought(s):

Autumn Jordan said...

Thank you for sharing! The gold leaf Oxford seems really doable, I might try it with a brown pair!


Alice, Pretty Confused said...

That fake taxidermy is amazing, I'm the same as you and find real ones a little bit too creepy (and sad) but I do like the way the look. Off to check out how to make it now xo

Rachel said...

I am the same way, an animal head on the wall is gross.. unless its white porcelain!

Fleur De Moi said...

Love all these ideas!!!!

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

SO I am reading through my comments (I am really back logged! I am almost to the end!) and I caught the comment about you and Dominick and the not-so-great dates. Well, I tried to wear heels on that date funny enough and had to change my outfit because I was wearing like 3 inch heels. And then I started like freaking out both of our men are allergic to nuts. And take Benadryl and pass out to deal wiht it. Fun, right?

Annnyyhow - the fake taxidermy thing has really had my interest for awhile. I wanna do it when I am in a more permanent place for sure. Wouldn't it be cute to do with little mini animal figurines?

Zuley said...

Oooh I wish I had a space to do every single one of these DIYs

Sarah Synapse said...

I feel the same way about fake taxidermy! I do not know why I like them..I think it's the glossy paint and they look awesome hung in a painted square of a different color.

sophie said...

so lovely ideas!
thanx for sharring!
love this pillow case! i'm obsessed in deers!

Madelein - Mother of six said...

Hi! Just joining the blog hop so I went by to say hello!

jorjiapeach said...

i'm not a fan of hunting, but something about a real moose head on a wall screams awesome. not for my house though. no, thank you. i'm a sucker for fake taxidermy too. soo fun.

Andreea Ghenea said...

Collar tips may be my favorite accessory lately. I don't have any but I've dreamed about a pair for so long. Hopefully I will be able to make them myself.
Kisses and hugs!
Love, Andreea!

kacie @ mama case said...

LOVE all of these DIY ideas -- although each time I add another project to my stack I get less and less sleep.

New follower from hop!

sam x said...

I love that gold leaf brogue DIY. I need these in my life! x

Pony Chops said...

I hate taxidermy too but I'm obsessed with the fake stuff, I definitely need to check out the fake taxidermy DIY!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Those are all awesome ideas. I'll have to try the Oxford DIY for sure!


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