Oct 9, 2012

Stuff I Luff #37

Look how cute this little fox print is!

This embroidered Enid patch is amazing.

I know it is only autumn, but I can't help but think of Christmas time! This wrapping paper is sooo cute!

I really want this dress. My friend, Sarah, bought one and we want to match like little dorks.

I want more of these ear warmer headbands! I have a plain gray one, but I am in love with this granny square one!

 How cool would it be to be a freaking Wampa for Halloween?! I am in love with this idea, I just wish the skirt was a bit longer. 

Xo Chloe.

13 colorful thought(s):

Katia said...

omg the crochet-ed ear warmer is the CUTEST, so adorable, and the enid pin is super cool. Great list!


Pony Chops said...

I want ALL OF THIS!! especially the dress and wrapping paper. So cute!xx

Mandy said...

That Enid patch is TOO perfect, love the ear warmer too! I'm always excited for Christmas, that wrapping paper is precious!


Lauryn Green said...

:D Thanks Chloe!
I love the wrapping paper and the embroidered Enid patch ver much.

The Quiet Owl said...

I love that granny square earwarmer! I may have to try making one!

cb said...

I love her granny square headbands so much! You would look sooooo good in one!

Renée said...

Awesome list!! The Fox Print and the wrapping paper are adorable!

Soph said...

Two words: The dress. <3

Yelle said...

That wrapping paper is so adorable!

his little lady said...

Cannot get over that fox print in the first picture. So fabulous!
xo TJ

The Ponycats said...

Love the dress, the fox print and the granny square headband <3_<3

I hope you have an awesome day!(:


Nerd Burger said...

That wompa costume just blew my mind and i just ... i just... i just want that enid patch so very much. Only 3 days till pay day.

Leighlalovesyou said...

Thank You for featuring my Enid patch, i am very grateful :)

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