Sep 28, 2012

DIY Ideas

I love the idea of making your own wrapping paper! Eeep! I am so excited to try this awesome DIY!

I really like this wood slice tray DIY. This would also be cute to use as a little display for bits and bobs.

Awh! These little fabric acorns are so cute!

I wish I would have thought of making silhouettes out of leaves. I am in love with how they look.

This floating candle would make such a great silly gift for a friend. I love the quirkiness to it.

Have an awesome Friday! Be sure to check back tomorrow, I have something awesome planned!
Xo Chloe.

6 colorful thought(s):

Pony Chops said...

I love it all but especially those leaf portraits and that floating candle! So many great ideas!

Michelle said...

That floating candle is so nifty!

dayna @ said...

That floating candle is so silly and awesome... its like an underwater animal party!

Chloe Verde said...

the floating candle is a great idea. I love the wood slice idea too! where do you get your hands on one of those?! Ive been trying to find one for aaaaagggess

ps. thanks for the mention :)


Dorien said...

I practically love all of this. Especially that post with the leaf silhouettes!

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

these are all perfect ideas! love them! very fall. the leaf one reminds me of a project i had to do in college :D

oh and you left a comment on my blog about modcloth! so here's the thing - some brands i trust on there, others i don't. typically, if it's 100 percent polyester, i am weary. dear creatures stuff is always nice, and i swear by sugarhill boutique. i tend to search by brand a lot on their site - or by price - i usually find the 40-50 dollar dresses to be a bit too low on quality for me and they always are dry clean only because of crappy poly. the one on my blog (that orange one) is one of the rare exceptions. it's poly, dry clean only, but i consistently wash it and hang to dry (for over a year). it's a great length and has worn well. i always wait and spend more than 50 so i didn't pay for shipping (or returns) if i end up returning - basically like an online fitting room to me :D

hope that helps. sorry to leave it in a comment and not a reply but most people are no-reply (i am!) and i like this way anyway because i just get to do it while i'm visiting your blog (two birds - one stone :D)

<3 katherine

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