Jan 29, 2012

Hair Progress: The Short Hair Blues

Not too long ago, I let my friend cut my hair, super short. I have been trying to grow out an asymmetrical cut, which if you have tried you would know it is agonizing. I figured why not have her cut it all one length? Well, I ended up not really liking it. It is just SO short and I have been dreaming of collar-bone length hair for months now.
Here is a picture of it:
Haha I kind of have a funny look on my face, I was in art class.

 So I decided that I am going to blog about my hair length status (Which is kind of weird, but it will get me through the hair growing process). I will probably include some remedies to make your hair grow faster (Or at least keep it healthy), and different ways to wear your hair so you are not running to a salon to get it cut. I find that encouragement is really what I need sometimes, also I think that seeing other people with flaws and problems similar to your own can really be a picker upper.

Here is a video of when I had asymmetrical hair, I hope you enjoy my sassy dance moves!

Xo Chloe.

Sorry to everyone who commented on this, the comments all got deleted when I removed Intense Debate. I decided I like the traditional Blogger commenting better.

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emily b said...

Oh, I can SO relate with what you're going through! I am currently in the middle of attempting to grow my hair out from super-short and it is miserable! Between the long, curly side burns (is that what they're called on a girl?) to the long, mullet-esque back, I've hardly had one good-hair day in the last 3 months. But I don't want to cut get it styled according to my current length because that requires cutting! And that totally goes against everything I'm trying to do in growing it out! Ugh. Your video made me laugh - you are so fun!

The Midwest Muse said...

This is a great idea. Last Feb. I let my friend chop my hair too. It was collar bone length and she chopped it to my chin and a year later, it finally grew! About 5 1/2 inches! Which is only 1/2 less than the average person grows in a year. I feel your blues! I dream of long long locks.

Anonymous said...

Ahh don't worry! I think your hair looks cute short! Hair does grow so in no time it will be long! :3

Anonymous said...

I'm in this boat sooo badly right now, but I made it pretty far on the growing front. Shaved head at the part and long other side solution...

My suggestion (er, what I did for a long time):
grow the damn thing and cut the short side a bit at a time until the whole thing swoops over the top of your head/bang swoop towards the long side.
It's like a whirlpool on your head but as it grows, it just keeps looking like the same 'ole whirlpool, which, if you like, can last acceptably for quite some time.

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