Jan 12, 2012

Stuff I Luff

Nan Lawson's art inspires me so much!

I love all of Olivia Royale's crotchet works!

This embroidery is 2 cute!

This framed print is absolutely adorable!

I love Luminology's soy candles, they are so modern and sleek looking.

I have recently been doing all sorts of new crafty things, these stuffed bears inspire me so much. I would love to make stuffed animals!

Xo Chloe.

8 colorful thought(s):

Sara said...

Hey! So cool that you are from Michigan! Where are you from area-wise? I currently reside in Oak Park, and I grew up in Ferndale, outside of Detroit.

melissa said...

Love love love everything.
What a lovely list :)

ellie said...

Such cute dolls. Love the first pic.

mazzy may said...

Totally awesome post! Love your vintage style.

jorjiapeach said...

perfect list. so pretty.

PuppyLovePrincess said...

awesome finds! i LOVE that print :)

caitlin said...

great inspiration! that first photo reminds me that i want to watch 'once' again--i've been reinspired to see it now that it's on broadway!

Fly Anyways.x said...

Love the R2 one, so cute. Makes the nerd in me go *eeeee*

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