Jan 20, 2012

Local musicians, local coffee shop, and local friends.

Last night Dom's band, The Dandelion Brigade, played a show at our favorite local coffee shop. My friend Jake Mo performed before them. It is always loads of fun because I always meet someone new, and I get to indulge in the most wonderful chai tea on the planet.

There is my man, isn't he so suave? I just love him.

I chug my Chai tea, it is the only way.

That's Jake Mo. Isn't he just great?

Amanda and I wear dresses all winter long! Woo!

Shaana is adorable.

Thurday nights nights are the best! They start off my weekend because I have no school on Friday! Woo! What are you up to this weekend?

Xo Chloe.

By the way, I got my haircut. There is a post coming up about it.

2 colorful thought(s):

patience said...

i'm so jealous that your guy plays a musical instrument! my husband plays world of warcraft online...it's just not the same...

jorjiapeach said...

aw. such a special time. i dig nights like these.

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