Apr 18, 2011

 Threadless accepts art submissions and then votes on whether or not to print them onto their tees. There are only two Threadless shops and they are both in Chicago. I recently bought two tees from Threadless for my sister, for her birthday. The shirts are of great quality and are very comfy. If you decide to buy a tee, make sure you look at the size chart because they tend to run a tad bit small.

♥ Chloe.

3 colorful thought(s):

Ashley said...

That conan shirt is awesome!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

what a killer idea, i love the ones you chose to showcase! adore the girly birdcage one total. ♥

pea ess: congrats on the upcoming Disneyland trip. that's EPIC goodness!!!!

nikolina100 said...

threadless is made of awesome!!

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