Apr 22, 2011

1. How has your art style developed over the years? What did you start out drawing?
I've always kind of drawn people, when I was in high school and maybe a year or two after all I wanted to do was draw super realistic. I got really bored of doing that so I decided to try and refine my doodles into a proper style. 

2. What art supplies are your favorite to use? 
I experimented with different mediums and stuff, alot of my early work (2005/2006) was done in marker and acrylic paint. but now I pretty much strictly work in colored pencil on paper, I like working in acrylic from time to time as well.

3. How do you gain inspiration? (Where do you go? What do you do?)
I watch a lot of movies, like literally sometimes I'll watch three or four movies in a day. I also love looking at American and Japanese illustration from the 1950s and 1960s. I also save a bunch of images I find inspirational and save them to a folder in my computer, it could be really as simple as a style of hair or a color to use in a future piece. 

4. Who is your favorite artist?
That's really hard, I just finished buying prints from Jon Knox and Matt Cipov, so I guess you could say they're my favorite artists at the moment. 

5. Do you have any advice for artists who want to sell their art?

Create whatever you want, but put them places to get some feedback like on the Internet or at shows. I often just draw things and then see what are peoples favorites and stuff, then make prints of the ones people like. I mean really I'm no pro, it's tough selling art sometimes, just try lots of things and stick to whatever works for you. 

I am very grateful to have such an amazing artist interview for my blog!
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