Apr 15, 2013

Spring(Err..Autumn) With Critters: Explorer Hannah

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah and I blog over at Nellie and Oliver. I'm really excited to share this post on Chloe's lovely blog. When Chloe emailed me with theme for this guest post series, 'Spring With Critters', I replied and said I would love to be involved but my post would be a little bit different. I live in Sydney, Australia and while everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is gearing up for Spring, we're slowly easing into Autumn.
I took these photos on a Saturday afternoon in my neighbourhood. While we've had some really nice cool mornings lately, this particular afternoon actually felt a lot like it was still Summer and I was a bit too warm in jeans. At least the leaves are slowly changing colour and the chilly mornings are a welcome change on my walks to the train station each day.
Now I wouldn't normally associate the word 'critter' with horses, but unfortunately it's the closest I could get without kidnapping some poor animal from someone's backyard. Our landlord doesn't allow pets in our apartment, so for the meantime I spend my time waiting for my brother to upload a new photo of his gorgeous puppy Chester on Instagram. 
I often wear really casual outfits like this on the weekends, especially when I'm just lazing about the house, cooking up a big breakfast or going for coffee runs to our local cafe. That pretty much sums up how I spent this particular day. I'll conclude with a funny story about these jeans. I wore them to work recently (we have a very casual office) and a colleague of mine excitedly exclaimed, "I love your cat jeans!", to which the rest of the office cracked up laughing and told her to put on her glasses.
Jeans and shirt from Urban Outfitters, Minnetonka moccasins
Thanks to Chloe for having me and I'm looking forward to seeing some more posts in this series, perhaps with some real life critters for me to gush over.

Thank you so much for guest posting, Hannah! Those jeans are adorable and perfect for your upcoming autumn weather! 
Xo Chloe.

3 colorful thought(s):

The Braided Bandit said...

The horse print is so cute, love the colored denim as well! That's so funny your colleague thought they were kitties, I guess I can see it but its a bit of a stretch!
Hope you're having a great day!
xo (another) Hannah :)


niki said...

love her jeans!
~niki <3

AhoyNative said...

Those jeans are great!

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