Mar 5, 2013

Stuff I Luff #57

Eeep! This little red necklace is adorable!

I have been eyeing dresses with this little chest detail for so long now. I don't want a see through one, and this one claims to be lined, and it is on sale!

Genius! I need this never soggy cereal bowl!

I always adore the oxfords over at Le Bunny Bleu. Kaylah has this pair, and I am so so jealous.

How cute is this fox pocket buddy?!?! Such a good idea!

This deer necklace is so lovely!! I want everything from this shop!

Xo Chloe.

11 colorful thought(s):

k8te said...

that cereal bowl is the best thing i've seen all day. although it is only 9:45 ;) so cool!

Melissa said...

I absolutely must own that cereal bowl. Soggy cereal freaks me out so badly.

<3 Melissa

Carolynn Markey said...

love the collar on the first picture, cute~~

The Braided Bandit said...

I love her pocket buddies! Also loving the brogues they are amazing, you always have wonderful finds!
Hope you're having a great day!
xo Hannah

Trisha Pelletier said...

ive been eyeing that dress for a while now too! awesome picks


Nataly said...

These kind of posts are so dangerous, especially when I just got my paycheck ;-) I love these allllllll!

Alyssa Gill said...

Wow such unique little bits and pieces. I really like the bowl idea, that's hilariously ingenious!

Your blog is so cute, I am now following. Feel free to check mine out - I will definitely be checking back in here to see what you are up to!


Amanda Rose said...

These little items are so wonderful. Although, I never have to worry about my cereal getting soggy because I eat it so quickly!

Amanda Rose

Heather said...

That bowl looks amazing!

JellyBones said...

That cereal bowl is genius!!!

Pony Chops said...

That never soggy cereal bowl is genius! The dress reminds me of a super hero kind of dress, I think it's cause the black chest detail reminds me of a bat haha

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