Sep 20, 2011

52 Weeks of Instax: Wk1

I thought 52 Weeks of Instax was the cutest idea for a post, so I jumped aboard the wagon!

I recently won a giveaway from Andrea, of Paper Sparrow! I won the Caturday Print, from Amy of A is for Ampersand! I am absolutely in love with it. The day it came in the mail, I ran upstairs, put it in a frame, and hung it on my wall next to my camera collection and knickknacks. Thanks again Amy!

Xo Chloe.

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chestnutmocha said...

Hi Chloe!! Thanks a lot! It's great meeting you! Congrats on winning, too!
ps: we are bunbuns hahah we call each other "bun" or Katyabun and Benbun :-)

chestnutmocha said...

ps: I tagged you in an award-post on my blog :) feel free to just read my post, but if you re-post too that's even better!

Melissa Bothwell-Inglis said...

Hiya Chloe! Lovely to meet you.. and thanks for perching over at my 'nest' - I see we are fellow nose-hooped sisters... lovely! ;o) Looking forward to getting to know you and all your thrifty nifty ways here!
Mel :o)
Needle and Nest Design

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Caturdays! Hahaha. I love your blog, by the way. You're so super cute!!


doverpeak said...

Looking forward to all 52 weeks :)

chrissy said...

hiya! discovered your blog via 'a is for ampersand'. loving it and a happy new follower.


Deanna said...

So... lazy explorers was the cutest name for I blog I've ever heard. That's such a cute print! 52 days of instax is as adorable idea! I'd totes do it... if I had an instax. xD Hm... well it'd be a good excuse to buy one... wait? Since when did I need an excuse to buy an instax??

<3 Deanna
Barefoot Love

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

That is lovely! Congrats!

Brynna said...

thanks for your comments! i totally thought i was already following you, but turns out i wasn't. well i am now!! :)

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