Jan 31, 2011

I am dreaming of warmer weather and a haircut.

I feel that these obnoxious shades best describe my longing for summer.
And this hair needs a-trimmin.

Also, I got a sweet papasan chair!

Anddd....I found a neat shower curtain that I am going to turn into a cushion cover for the papasan.
I scored this for about $2 at a thrift shop.

I found these cute little wall decorations at the thrift shop as well.

♥ Chloe.

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oodalollies said...

My boy and I had a set of papasan chairs (until one broke - they can be a tad fragile) but the cushion is so fluffy that we sometimes plop it on the floor and pile up the pillows and watch a movie on it!

The shower curtain almost looks handmade (:
I just love pretty things for two bucks.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

such rad shades, perfect for turning february!!!

i feel the same about my hair, trim needed STAT. maybz we're just feeling the extra chill in the air and our hair cutting neglect is due to holding on to the extra length for warmth....perhaps?! haha

love your shopping scores, cool idea for the fabric cover. can't wait to see the after. happy monday ♥

Eva said...

pretty sweet fabric...nice finds!


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