Dec 12, 2011

Quick Update Among Finals.

Ah! Finals are almost over with! I have two more to go: Physics and Geography. I am going to die. Anyways, other things that have been going on.......MY BIRTHDAY! I turned 19 on the 7th. Woot! My birthday party is this upcoming Saturday. My parents already gave me their gift, a scanner! So now I have much more post possibilities. The Instax picture above was scanned :) Also, I scanned my hand.

That is about all that has been going on. Oh! Dominick took me to the mall and bought me two pairs of trousers from Heritage. I am SO happy. I needed trousers so bad. My legs were sick of wearing tights. Besides, it is way too cold. I will definitely do an outfit post soon! Wish me luck on Finals!

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