Jul 30, 2011

In an Instax, Part two.

The film has arrived! I was so excited to take the first picture that I put the film in backwards. Don't worry, i've got it all figured out now.  I am in love with this camera.

My dad and I had fun trying it out, I am saving the rest of the film for my camping trip next week!

Xo Chloe.

3 colorful thought(s):

Janelle said...

Oh, I miss my old polaroid!

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Adrienne50183 said...

I would love one of those! My polaroid doesn't have film because they stopped making it:( But that seems like the next best thing:)

CARRIE said...

I think I may have to get an instax now that I see your pictures have turned out so well! I really want an instant camera that works-- my mini polaroid just doesn't cut the mustard.

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